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Current Hatteras Island Fishing Reports

We'll give daily fishing reports during the season to keep you informed of what's happening.  When it gets slow during the winter, we'll report less often.  (We'll be cleaning the shop to get ready for the next season, and spending some time on the beachCool)

Fishing report November 25, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier         puppy drum, black drum, blues, speckled trout

Salvo                     no reports

Avon Beach            blues, sea mullet, puppy drum

Avon Pier               puppy drum, blues, sea mullet, blow toads

Buxton                  puppy drum, black drum, blow toads

Frisco                    speckled trout, sea mullet, puppy drum

Hatteras                flounder, sea mullet, black drum, blues, blow toads

Fishing report November 24, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- Temp 57- puppydrum, blowtoads. sheepshead

Salvo Beach- No Reports

Avon Beach- sm. blues, puppydrum, sm. flounder

Avon Pier- temp 60.8- puppydrum, few blackdrum, sm. blues, blowtoads, seamullet

Buxton- puppydrum, blackdrum, few speckled trout, few sm. blues

Frisco- puppydrum, seamullet

Hatteras- flounder, sm. blues, seamullet

Fishing report November 23, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- Temp 59- Few sm. blues

Salvo Beach- No Reports

Avon Beach- small puppydrum

Avon Pier- Temp 62- 1 Big Drum, sm. blues, seamullet, few puppydrum

Buxton- Blackdrum, puppydrum

Frisco- puppydrum, blowtoads

Hatteras- blowtoads, blackdrum, sm. blues

Fishing report November 22, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- No Reports

Salvo Beach- No Reports

Avon Beach- No Reports

Avon Pier- Few Big Drum

Buxton- No Reports

Frisco- seamullet, blowtoads, few blackdrum

Hatteras- No Reports

Fishing report November 20, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe pier      no report

Salvo                  no report

Avon Beach         very windy no reports

Avon Pier            no reports

Buxton               no reports

Frisco                 puppy drum, blow toads, sea mullet.  the wind is at your back making ramp 49 fishable

Hatteras             no reports

Fishing report November 18, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe pier       blues, sea mullet

Salvo                   no reports

Avon Beach          flounder, blues, black drum, blow toads, sea mullet

Avon pier             5 citation drum, blow toads, sea mullet

Buxton                 puppy drum, citation drum and blues at the point

Frisco                   few sea mullet, blow toads

Hatteras               flounder, blow toads, sea mullet, puppy drum and small blues

Fishing report November 17, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- Temp65   - Sm. Blues, few puppydrum, blowtoads,few speckled  trout

Salvo Beach- blowtoads, sm. blues, few seamullet

Avon Beach- sm. blues, blowtoads, skates, nice seamullet

Avon Pier - Temp65   - sm. blues, 1- 42" Drum, gray trout, blowtoads, few puppydrum, spot

Buxton - sm. blues, blowtoads, few flounder, few speckled trout

Frisco- puppydrum

Hatteras - few puppydrum, blowtoads, sm. blues

Fishing report November 16, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- Temp 64- sm. blues,blowtoads, seamullet

Salvo- No Report-

Avon Beach- Sm. blues, blowtoads, seamullet, skates

Avon Pier- Temp 65.6- 1- 45" Drum, sm. blues, blowtoads, few gray trout

Buxton- sm. blues, blowtoads, few seamullet

Frisco - Puppydrum, sm. blues

Hatteras- No Report

Fishing report November 15, 2015 E-mail

Rodanthe Pier- Temp 62- puppydrum, blowtoads, sm. blues, flounder, seamullet

Salvo- No Reports

Avon Beach- Sm. blues, blowtoads, few seamullet

Avon Pier- Temp 63- sm. blues, blowtoads, seamullet, few gray trout

Buxton- 1- 47" Drum, few puppydrum, few speckled trout, blowtoads

Frisco- sm. puppydrum, blowtoads

Hatteras- Blowtoads, Skates


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