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Merry Christmas
Written by Frank   

We can only count our blessings this time of year. I was surrounded by most

of my family yesterday. Only Frank, Jr. who most of you know was in the hospital

last Christmas and again had to be there this year. I guess he missed it so much

he just needed to return where the reason for this season sent him a new heart a

year ago the 30th of this month. This is his only hospitalization since that

replacement and a case of shingles sent him back until they are controlled with

little chance of an infection occurring.

Here is a picture of the grandkids and now great grand-kids I am sharing with you.


Cape Point Travel- Thanksgiving Day
Written by Frank   

NPS had closed going to Cape Point because narrow and steep beach conditions that at high tide especially during the full moon unsafe. NPS removed the closure today letting you travel at YOUR OWN RISK by the narrows to Cape Point. The following is the email from NPS today about the reopening traffic to the point.

Overnight the conditions improved very slightly allowing the sloped beach below the high tide line and escarpment to be at slightly less of an angle.  We are past the full moon, however waves and tides are still quite high.  Travel is not recommended past the point of erosion between ramp 43 and ramp 44 however it is no longer prohibited.  Brittany and I posted the beach with several 4x4 posts and a laminated 8x11 sheet of paper with a warning.  I am attaching the warning statement as well as several photos of the current conditions.  We observed one truck drive successfully out to the point.

NPS REPORT ON RAMPS 43,44,45, interdunal road and lighthouse road
Written by Frank   

10/20/2015 9:30AM

I just opened up Ramp 43 and Lighthouse Road and there is now access to Cape Point via Ramp 43.  There is still significant standing water at Ramp 43 and the end of Lighthouse Road.  Standing water up to 12" is present on the road and any users that choose to drive down Lighthouse Road and use Ramp 43 should use caution, drive 5 mph or less, and be careful about traffic coming from the opposite direction when the lane of travel is narrow.


Ramp 44 and Ramp 49 remain closed due to high water levels.  Interdune Road and Cape Point Campground remain closed due to high water levels.


Attached are two photos I took this morning at Ramp 43 showing the current water levels and truncated travel lane as the water is quite deep and the sands are soft on the left and in a near quicksand state.


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