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Andrew davis of WV caught this nice Black Drum 5-20-2016
Written by Frank   


Caught just south of Avon Pier and it was biggest fish

he had caught in his life. Looks like a sea creature larger

than his fish tried to take it away from him

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Cape hatteras National Seashore Ramp Status
Written by Frank   


NPS has discontinued the interactive map and is now putting timely reports on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CapeHatterasNS.  I will try to post this info by copy 

and paste  once a week and more often if  I see a major change during the week. 

NPS Environment Assement Comment Period
Written by Frank   




If you read this post I need you to do something to help us keep and hopefully get better ORV access to our favorite fishing areas:

If you are LAZY you can copy the link below and the webpage it opens is a sample letter you can use to ask for extra access and will send you to where the letter can be sent.

1.Copy of sample letter:
Sample letter:

As a recreational fisherman with a strong interest in balancing resource conservation with public access, I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Environmental Assessment for consideration of modifications to the off-road vehicle (ORV) rule currently in effect at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. While the preferred alternative provides meaningful improvements in several areas, I respectfully urge you to consider making additional modifications to better accommodate park visitors being able to access large portions of the park for recreation.

I support the following positions on the proposed changes:

Morning beach openings: while the preferred alternative opens the seashore earlier in the morning at certain times of the year, the seashore should open at 6am on primary routes throughout the year, as well as remain open until 10pm.

Seasonal ORV routes:

I support extending seasonal ORV routes by four weeks in the spring and fall instead of the proposed two weeks.

Vehicle-free areas:
I am disappointed that more areas are not restored for vehicular access. Alternative 3 makes the most progress, but additional openings are warranted.

Access Improvements:

Alternative 2 makes important improvements, but I also suggest providing a temporary corridor to access Cape Point when conditions permit.

Permits: the suggested permit modifications are very positive and much appreciated.

By passing legislation that forced the current review process, the Congress clearly intended for meaningful access improvements to be made. While the preferred alternative makes some improvements, there are areas that are significantly lacking. I urge the National Park Service to use this opportunity to restore balance and provide reasonable and responsible access to the seashore. Thank you for the opportunity to provide input.
Address: Street, City, State, Zip

2. Go to: https://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cfm…

3. Enter your name and address, etc. as required. Paste the sample letter into the comment box and enter your name, etc where it says at the bottom of the letter and put where you heard about this and finally hit SUBMIT. You are done.

Please at least do the above. I am going to follow this article with my comments and hope you will read the EA and make your own comments like I have done. 

Here is my final draft that I am sending as my comments to Seperintendent Hallac.

Superintendent Dave Hallac

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

1401 National Park Drive

Manteo, NC 27954

March 7, 2016

REF: Comments on “Environmental Assessment for Consideration of Changes to Final Rule for Off-Road Vehicle Management”

Supt. Hallac,

Enclosed is the alternative summary with an additional Alternative 4“Frank Folb’s Alternative” I am also making similar comments below from my Alternative 4 with further explanation of each

Morning Beach Openings

There is little to no evidence that night closures of the beaches has helped the turtle nesting or hatching results since the court order and plan has been in place. While there have been some of the biggest numbers of nesting turtles on the beach the whole east coast has had the largest nesting numbers and we are the only ones having a changed ORV regulation. We appreciate the help NPS has given us by making nest passing available close to the hatch window and want that continued and expanded if needed.

Seasonal ORV Routes

While I do believe that the original Sept. 15 – May 15 Village/Ocracoke Campground open to ORV use that coincides with the NC DOT speed changes that have been in place for many years is the best alternative for changing the dates, I can accept Alternative 3 extending the opening to October 1 – April 30.

Vehicle Free Areas

As a user that has shared the entire beach with pedestrians for years I do not think any of the beaches should be excluded from ORV routes, but with that said I realize that is not an alternative that you will favor. Alternate 3 does not address all the needs of the routes for ORV use. Avon has Ramp 38 open year round so we have a ramp open for ORV use year round with close proximity of the village, but Rodanthe, Waves and Salve have to go all the way to Ramp 25 for any access. I suggest you consider opening Ramp 23 north to the village line of Salvo and south the same amount of distance giving the visitor an area to access the beach via ORV closer to the Tri-villages. I will also include an item I described in the “Access Improvements” section of the alternative chart. Alternate “temporary” ORV access behind the dune line from Ramp 44 (like the narrows by-pass) should be a urgent priority to this plan to enable such access to be used when the East Beach to the point is unpassable. Furthermore temporary access routes should be established via ramp 45 or the pond road to be used when other access to Cape Point is unusable due to bird or turtle closures. Yes, I agree that most times these two routes would also be blocked by bird or turtle closures, but should the occasion find that they are useable they could be implemented without a mandated plan change for said opening.

Access Improvements

Same as Alternative 3 plus make a shore bypass behind the dunes from Ramp 44 to Cape Point to ensure less closures to the point. Extend Ramp 4 opening south around to the sound-side year round since bird activity has greatly reduced in recent years. Do the same at Hatteras Inlet both on the Hatteras side and Ocracoke side of the inlet. If birds do nest then closures will instituted to protect them. These areas are too far to from access to be included as vehicle free areas. Furthermore temporary access routes should be established via ramp 45 or the pond road to be used when other access to Cape Point is unusable due to bird or turtle closures. Yes, I agree that most times these two routes would also be blocked by bird or turtle closures, but should the occasion find that they are useable they could be implemented without a mandated plan change for said opening


Annual by date of issue and a 10 day license that mirrors the fishing licenses we issue. (I am pleased to hear about the new plan to allow permits to be purchased at no addition cost for weekly permits and annual permits. Our shop has already installed a computer for customers to purchase these permits in our shop)

Total VFA & ORV Route Mileage

All of your Alternatives have shown access mileages, because all ORV access is used by non-vehicle visitors there is little use to have any mandated vehicle free areas and the numbers showing any distinction are not needed. Pea Island is vehicle free giving any visitor more than enough wilderness beach access. The beach south of Kite Point nor to the light house in Buxton has not been open to vehicle use in many years. Seldom has the beach from the bath houses south of Frisco to the south end of Hatteras Village been open to ORV use. I have not even addressed the areas that have no been opened in Bodie Island and Ocracoke that have had no or little use in years.

Frank Folb

Owner, Frank & Fran’s the Fisherman’s Friend, Inc

40210 NC Hwy 12

Avon, NC 27915-0448

Phone Shop: 252-995-4171

Cell:   252-996-0425




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